I moved to Martha's Vineyard 7 years ago to pursue my dreams as a chef. I had been cooking for about 12 years prior in Maine, Boston and Providence.  I had no idea that the beauty of the Island would change my career and life, until after a few years living here. I was sick of working for people andin hot, stressful kitchens.  I was ready for a change and was frightened, but very excited to try to live my dream. Making art.

I began painting fish with watercolor paints that are filled in with fishing lures. I ended up printing 30 limited edition prints of the first two striped bass. A few sold , then a few more, and they were gone before I knew it. This was in 2013. I never stopped. Over the last 3-4 years I have painted probably over 100 different fish. From Bluefin tuna to Brook trout. I am open to take commissions which usually take about a month to complete that are framed with frames I paint, matte, and construct.

In my time away from painting you can find me picking up trash, wood, and anything else that does not belong on the beach. I just recently moved into a studio where I finally have the space to construct sculptures out of the beach finds. Currently I just finished a 8.5 foot by 4.5 foot lobster out of all beach trash. In the works now is a 13 foot long drift wood sword fish that will be complete by summer 2016. The list of ideas is never ending and I am looking forward to making then come to life. Next time your about to go for a walk on the beach grab a bag and pick up things as you walk that do not belong there. Either throw the bag away or put the finds on a table. You will be surprisedhow beautiful trash is. 

Thank you everyone for the support over the past few years. None of this would be happening if it was not for all of you. I am going to keep on making art until I run out of ideas which will not be tomorrow I can promise you that.

- Abe Pieciak